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What to Do While You Wait

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by Scott Hubbard I was awake for only a few forgetful seconds before disappointment crashed in through the door. The past months had turned into a painful season of relational heartache, and the routine had become familiar. Each night, yesterday’s disappointment would leave for a few sleeping hours, only to return moments after my waking. […]

The Prayers Our Teens Need Most

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by Michele Morin For one short season of our parenting journey, my husband and I felt as if we were hanging on to the reins of a runaway horse. Daily battles over curfews and negotiations around boundary lines had taken the place of warm conversation and laughter around the table. We mourned the loss as we […]

The Difficult Call to Promote Peace & Unity in the Church

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by Curtis Heffelfinger “Mr. Heffelfinger, I’m sorry but there’s no easy way to say this. You have cancer. Get to treatment yesterday.” Those words, spoken in 2005 by an oral surgeon about a fast-growing, killer tumor on the right side of my tongue, set in motion a furious campaign to save my life. Before hearing the […]

What Christianity Alone Offers Transgender Persons

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by Sam Allberry A day barely passes without transgender issues hitting the news. It might be a human interest feature about someone transitioning from one sex to another, and how they’ve been received (or not) by their communities. It might concern the politics of rights for transgender men and women, and which restrooms should be […]

Four Steps to Rebuild Trust

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by Josh Squires Trust is essential. According to one researcher, trust is the cornerstone of every relationship. But how do we become trustworthy? And how do we regain trust in someone when they’ve done something to betray our trust? As essential as trust is for healthy relationships, trust is also tricky. In my counseling training, […]

What Does It Mean to Be ‘Pro-Life’?

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by Scott Klusendorf What does “pro-life” mean? Jesus cared about all marginalized people, not just a few. As a Christian, then, my ethic should be broad and inclusive. I should do something to resist human trafficking, alleviate poverty, promote fatherhood, and welcome genuine refugees. But it doesn’t follow that the operational objectives of the pro-life movement […]