Nursery Sunday School welcomes all children 3-5 years, and is held in the creche area of the Samuel Boyd Hall every Sunday morning from September – June.

Aim – First steps in helping young children discover more about God and apply what they are learning to their own lives.

Materials used – Scripture Union ‘Bubbles’ for under 5’s.

Sunday Programme 
10.15 – Playtime
10.30 – 11.15 -Songs + rhymes, Biblestory with action and mime, big sheet activity.


The primary Sunday school meets upstairs in the Samuel Donaldson hall each Sunday and is for children from Primary 2 age up to Primary 5 age.  It begins at 10.15am with a short joint opening before children separate into their class, and finishes at 11.15am.  We would ask that all children are collected from the downstairs door at that time.

We use the ‘Go Teach’ series as our teaching resource.  Each child has their own workbook to complete during class which includes bible stories, quizzes and colouring in.

Catechism is taught during class and a few memory verses are also learned by the children throughout the year.

Primary Sunday school is led by Mrs Barbara Cranston – Home telephone no. 02841763513.

The other teachers are:

  • Mr Alex Hanna
  • Miss Linda Spiers
  • Miss Diane Graham
  • Miss Lisa Graham

The aim is to teach the children the Bible Truths focusing on God’s Holiness and of Jesus as our Saviour in an attractive, helpful and child-friendly way.

We greatly appreciate and are encouraged by the support and prayers of the parents, who faithfully bring their children along every Sunday, and of the wider congregation.

Intermediate Sunday School 

Intermediate Sunday School is for children attending P5 – P7 in primary school.  We start each Sunday morning at 10:15am and finish by 11:10am.  ALL children in the above age group will be made very welcome.  There are currently between 20-30 children attending, but we always have room for more and love to see new faces!

The whole group meets together in the Choir Room at 10:15am for a time of fellowship before splitting up into the various classes.

The P5 group meet in the Choir Room and are taught by Alec Cummins.

The P6 group meet in the Session Room and are taught by Barbara Graham & Sandra Bolton (alternate weeks).

The P7 group meet in the Minister’s Room and are taught by Sandra Wilkins.

We use the ‘Come Learn’ books which include Bible stories, memory verses and interactive games.

As we meet each week we aim to be Christ-centred, Bible-centred and child-centred in our teaching, so that the children might develop a personal relationship with Jesus as they come to understand his amazing love for them.

Contact: Mrs Sandra Wilkins (Leader in charge)


Senior Sunday School

The SSS meets in “The Loft” (upstairs) in the Samuel Boyd Hall and is for young people age 11-14 years (year 8 to year 10, secondary school).

We start at 10.15 and finish at 11.15.

Teachers welcome the young people and we begin with a short chat, getting to know the young people individually and finding out what they have been doing during the school week and sharing with each other about day to day events.  Our aim is to have a friendly, informal, relaxed atmosphere during our time together.  The remainder of our time is spent looking together at stories and passages in the Bible.

Year 8 and year 9 young people use “Teen Search” teaching material by Go Teach Publications Ltd.  Together we look at stories in the Bible and fill out work sheets, have discussions and learn about God, his characteristics, attributes and love for us and our need of Jesus .  We also look at how we can apply what we learn from the Bible to our daily lives.

Year 10 young people follow a study of the “Bible Time Line” where all the stories they have learned throughout their years in Sunday School are reviewed in a chronological order and put into context from Genesis to Revelation.

The classes end with all the young people and teachers joining together for a short reflection on the morning’s lesson and a prayer.

Year 8 teachers                                    Jackie Williamson & Sandra Haugh
(email         (Mobile 07763936333)
Year 9 teachers                                    Sharon Curran & Louise Norman

Year 10 teacher                                   Wesley Hanna

 Our Aim in Senior Sunday School

Through studying the Bible together with young people we want to present our Christian faith to them so that they will come to trust in Jesus as their Saviour, grow in faith and knowledge and become active members of our church family.  Ultimately we seek to glorify God in all that we do.

We would appreciate prayerful support for our work in Senior Sunday School

Some points for prayer:

We will seek the power of the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

We will be enthusiastic and thorough in our preparation and delivery of our lessons each week.

God will help us to overcome any obstacles that get in the way of the Sunday School ministry.

Young people will gives their lives to God and grow in their faith and knowledge of Him.