* Pray for the Community outreach teamas they work this week in Atticall.  For Children’s Club and work with teenagers. Give thanks for this gospel opportunity and pray for real and lasting spiritual fruit.

* Pray for the PCI Outreach Team this coming week in St Andrew’s Bangor.

* For the caravan visitation planned for Friday 19thJuly.

* Pray for the Northfield Bible Week and the Faith Mission outdoor Services at Newcastle promenade (6thto 20thJuly, daily at 2.15 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. weather permitting).

* Pray for John & Joy Hayward serving the Lord in France.

* Pray for Dan & Primrose Avila serving the Lord in Kosova.

* Pray for God’s encouragement to be upon Karen & Rhonda and all those seeking to spread the Good News in County Mayo.

* Pray for the work of Wakisa Ministries in Kampala and give thanks that recent challenges have now been resolved.

* Pray for our Prime Minister and the Government that a way forward may be found through complex and contentious national issues.

* Pray for the ongoing work of Churches and Christians bearing witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

* Pray for all leaders of organisations in the church.  Pray for servant hearts and fresh enthusiasm in the service of Christ.

* Pray for the preaching of God’s Word in these coming months.

* Pray for those serving the Lord in different parts of the world

– Stephen & Angelina Cowan (Caragh, Jason, Annissa) in Kenya
– Adam & Lynn Annett (Timothy) in N. Africa
– Ho & Laura-Jane Meas (Joseph & Yoshiya) in Japan
– Majed & Anja (Poland)
– Trevor & Andrea Watson (Emily, Grace, Alice) in Sweden
– Aislinn Duff (Barcelona)

* Pray for the starving children of Yemen and that a way might be found to provide food and relief to these people.

* Pray for Asia Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan, who is at the centre of a huge dispute after being accused of blasphemy against Islam

* Pray for David and Jenny Boyd and the ongoing work in Adelaide Road, Dublin.

* Pray for Karen and Rhonda and the ongoing Gospel work in County Mayo.

* Pray for Jonny and Gemma Forsythe (Matthew, Susannah, Noah) who have returned to live in the UK.

* Pray for organisations like Evangelical Alliance, The Christian Institute and Care for the Family as they seek to promote and uphold Christian values in our society.

* Pray for the young people, leaders and all involved in the Friday Youth Club.

Pray for our Moderator, the Right Rev Dr Charles McMullen and other church leaders as they seek to be an influence for God and the common good in our divided society.

* Pray for the Clerk of the General Assembly, the Rev. Trevor Gribben.

* Pray for the Principal of Union Theological College, the Rev Dr Stafford Carson.

* Pray for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland at this time when she is under pressure from the world to move away from her Biblical and theological standards.

* Pray for the youth of our area to find purpose and satisfaction in life in good and God-given things.

* Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to inspire and enthuse all those with leadership responsibilities in our church. Christian leaders can only lead others as they are led by God.

* For a real work of saving and discipling grace in many hearts.

* Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to be at work in our church at the start of this new season.

* Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to inspire and enthuse all those with leadership responsibilities in our church. Christian leaders can only lead others as they are led by God.

* For Dave as he works alongside young people.  That he would be inspired and encouraged in this ongoing work and that young people would grow to love Jesus.

* For the ongoing life and witness of Life Builders.

* Give thanks that the Presbyterian Church in Ireland has a Vision for Society.  Pray for many Churches and Christians to share this vision.  Pray for progress through the deep rooted differences in our society that both communities would be able to live together in peace and respect.

* We give thanks today for all the children and families connected with this local Church.  Pray for parents seeking to nurture their children in the Lord.

* For the work of the GB and BB this term.  For the Captains, all the leaders and young people who attend.

* For the Parent and Toddler group meeting each Tuesday morning.  Give thanks for Roberta and the other leaders and all the parents and children who enjoy coming along.

* For every part of the life and work of this local Church to know God’s hand of blessing upon it.  Take a moment to pray for some of the organisations in the Church.

* That the preaching and teaching of God’s Word would be blessed to many hearts in these coming months.

* That Kilkeel Presbyterian Church would make a difference for God and for good in our community.

* That we as individuals would make a difference for God and for good in our homes, families, neighbourhoods, places of work and leisure.

* Pray for our brothers and sisters in the Suffering Church.

* Give thanks for the work of Open Doors and the wonderful work they do in helping the Suffering Church.

* For a renewed hunger and thirst to know God in a deeper way.

* For families and people recently affected by the death of loved ones and friends by suicide.

* Pray that in these days of great upheaval in our world that many will turn to the Lord.

* Pray for the young people connected to our church that they will enjoy being part of Sunday worship and the different organisations and that through these they will grow in a true and sincere saving faith.

* For the reviving, renewing work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and the hearts of all who profess to be saved.

Chaplains working in our hospitals and prisons need much prayer as they listen and minister to those in need of one kind or another.

* Pray for all those who are sick at home or in hospital.  For those awaiting surgery and/or treatment that they would know hope and healing.

* Give thanks for the work of Open Doors and remember to pray for suffering brothers and sisters.  That they may know what it is to rejoice in suffering.

* Pray for all involved across these islands in countering extremist Islam.  For success in apprehending those involved.  For the turning of many hearts to the Prince of Peace.

* Give thanks for the work of PW.

* For teenagers facing many pressures and temptations.  That our young people would have the grace, desire and courage to be different for Jesus’ sake.

* Pray that we will be more enabled by the Spirit to bear witness to our faith.

* Pray that we will be open to invite others to our Services on a Sunday.  Who might you invite?

* For agencies like Gideons International and The Bible Society which promote and spread the Word of God.

* For the work going on at New Beginnings, Uganda

* For the ongoing work of Community Outreach and the Bible studies each week on Kitty’s Road.

Pray for an ingathering of the spiritual harvest in people truly converted to Christ and discipled in Christ.

* Our senior people confined to home.  That they would know God’s peace in Jesus Christ.

* Give thanks for fellowship in the Gospel which can be found in this church and the local community.

North Korea: Pray today for
(i) Christians deprived of home and health care/work and wealth/food and family.
(ii) The North Korea authorities headed up by Kim Jong II.  He oversees “large scale patterns of systematic and gross human right violations”  (UN Statement).  Pray that God might touch his heart.

Pray by name for those you know who:
– suffer pain and limitations due to senior years.
– are ‘living with’ the loss of a loved one.
– are receiving treatment or cancer care at present.

* That we would have wisdom in getting right the rhythm of rest and work in our busy lives.

 * Pray for Vivian and the work of Wakisa Ministries in Kampala, Uganda.  For a real and lasting change to be brought about in the lives of the girls with whom they work.  Wisdom for us in the church as to how we can best help Vivian and the work she is doing.

* For the fishing industry and the challenges and opportunities that those involved in that industry face.

* For groups like Evangelical Alliance, Care for the Family and The Christian Institute as they seek to promote Biblical standards and the face of increasing secularism.

* For those who are ill or looking after those who are ill. That in the midst of suffering, they would find comfort in the One who suffered but overcame that suffering on the third day.

* Pray for the work of Arab World Ministries (AWM).

* Pray for the PSNI and anti-drug agencies as they seek to counter the drug problem in our society.  Pray that those who peddle drugs in the Kilkeel area will be brought to justice.

* For Christians to show faith, hope and love in bringing the gospel to the Muslim people.

* For those who are housebound due to senior years, disability, caring duties.

* Those who care for the frail or disabled, whether as family members or in their daily work.

* Those we know coping with pain and receiving treatment.

* Those who care for and maintain our church property

* Pray for all those facing unemployment and financial pressures.

* For our local community here in the Kingdom of Mourne—for peace, good relationships and generally for the blessing of God upon all who live in this area.