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Study – Atheism is Declining

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A new study says the world is more religious now than it was four decades ago, and this trend will continue to 2020 and perhaps beyond even as the global share of the nonreligious is likely to witness a sustained decrease. The percentage of the world that is religious continues to increase, according to the […]

Petition for religious freedom in India

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Release International is urging people to sign its petition on religious freedom in India following the passage of anti-conversion laws in several states. Madhya Pradesh has just passed legislation requiring anyone wanting to change their religion to obtain permission from the authorities first. Converts who fail to report their change of faith could face up to three […]

BBC religious output drops 20% in one year

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The BBC’s religious output has fallen by 20 per cent in one year, according to its latest annual report. One secularist group welcomed the figures, claiming audiences see religion as unimportant. But a recent BBC Trust report highlighted a lack of knowledge about religion amongst some BBC staff. Decreased Across the broadcaster’s TV and Radio […]