New to Church?

featured-kilkeel-congregation-brighterPerhaps you’re thinking about going to church for the first time, looking for a new church or simply passing through? Visitors are always welcome at KPC!

Two services take place every Sunday. Sunday morning starts at 11.30am and is over by around 12.30pm. In the summer time during July and August we start at 11.00am.

First of all, when you arrive at church, you will be greeted at the front door by one of our church members. You may then go ahead into the main area of the church choosing to sit either downstairs, or upstairs in the balcony – feel free to sit wherever you like & in whatever seat you wish. Church members often sit in similar areas of the church each week but do not have specific seats.

We sing using a combination of contemporary and traditional songs with various instruments to accompany. Sometimes the organ and piano will lead the praise, whilst on other Sundays our Praise Band, comprising of drums, flute, keyboard and guitar lead us as we sing. There is no dress code and you will not be expected to give money or join in the singing if you don’t want to.

A crèche is available for pre-school children. Children of primary school age leave after about 20 minutes of the Sunday morning service to go to Children’s Church.


The evening services are similar, although there is no crèche facility available. We start at 7.00pm and are finished by about 8.00pm. On the first Sunday evening of each month we meet at 6:00pm for our Family Service, when we have a more informal service and are keen to see family members of all ages come along together.  After this service (at 7:00pm) tea, coffee and biscuits are served in the coffee bar attached to the church.

The services in the morning and evening follow a familiar theme from week to week with hymns, songs, prayers, bible readings and a sermon. The minister will preach a sermon, talking to the congregation about some aspect of the Bible, encouraging us to apply what God says to our everyday, ordinary lives.

Common Queries
Most people who visit a church for the first time are a little apprehensive. With this in mind, here is some further information to help:

  •  You can come along, take a seat, listen and leave quietly, if you so choose. You won’t be asked to say or do anything.
  •  You don’t have to be religious or a Christian to come along. If you have any sort of interest at all, on any level, then you are more than welcome to come and join with us.
  •  There is no dress code. Some people dress casually in jeans and t-shirts, some dress smart wearing suits or dresses.
  •  A collection will be gathered during each service but this is more for the church family to contribute to. Please do not feel under any obligation to give money.